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L Y R I C S - S H A N G R I - L A   D E E   D A

Dumb Love
(S. Weiland, D. DeLeo)

Loud Talk, dumb love, lacerator
Come and touch
Bleed to feel...
Keep ya comin', comin' back for more
Alcohol, it's a lie, stimulate a needle in your eye
Let it bleed, blow your mind
Touched myself, nearly went blind

Couldn't find a way to live through the pain
Couldn't find a way
Dumb Love
Couldn't find another way to win the race
Couldn't find a way
Dumb Love

Couldn't get outta bed
Ten ton bricks layin' on my head
Persecute the crucified
Kill a man for losing his mind

Couldn't find a way to live through the shame
Couldn't find a way
Dumb Love
Couldn't find another way to win the race
Couldn't find a way
Dumb Love

Come on out, you're comin' home
Deceive yourself, you're all alone
Come on out, you're comin' home
Deceive yourself, you're secrets known


Days of the Week
(D. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

Monday, back from the dead
I'm letting it go, back for another one
Tuesday, shoot me in the head
I'm takin' it back, takin' it back
I'll take it back
Wednesday, she's looking for a friend
She'll get what she wants
Can't seem to get enough
Thursday, it's more than I can stand
I'm holdin' her down, holdin' her down
She's down again

I gotta find a way to find her
Where could she be?
Four days of the week
She thinks I'm the enemy

One day, left me for dead
Woke up on the floor, time for another one
Two days, she's leavin' me again
Can't take it no more
Out through the open door
Three days, she's found herself a friend
She got what she wants
Still never get enough
Four days she's back with me again
She's pullin' me down, pullin' me down 
I'm down again

Monday's gone
Tuesday's fadin'
Wednesday's gone
Thursday's all but wasted now

Scott, Brendan
Percussion Brendan

(S. Weiland, R. DeLeo, D. DeLeo)

Tar and feathers hide your feelings
If you even know the meaning
Your high road is overrated
You left your guru out there hangin'

Don't stay
Don't stay

Your appetite's insatiable
Devouring one thousand souls
It's more or less the same ole story
The princess and the whore. The lady

Nobody sees it 
Nobody hears it
Nobody breathin' in a coma
So keep your secret
Your perfect secrets
It's just a game but no one's playin'

In a coma lying, waiting
Desire fills the lonely craving
So many trampled under footwear
But more to fill the trophy cases 


Hollywood Bitch
(R. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

You're on the outside
You're lookin' in
You're takin' pictures of what you never been

So kill to kill
So ya wanna die?

You're burnin' slowly - with seven lives
Blow up the bitch with the firecracker smile
Switchblade in her suitcase
Loves to drive 'em wild

So kill to kill
Yeah ya gonna die

Everbody's searchin' - every single night

You'll never keep it 'cause you sold yourself
And by the way
You'll never keep it 'cause you never had it
It's all the same

Rock star life - turn on the switch
Hollywood bitch - so Fake that she sees real
She goes again

She's from the "Westside," she's lookin' thin
She fills her body with what she'll never be
So kill to kill - so you wanna die?
Everbody's searchin' - every single night

Robert, Eric, Brendan
Guitar Intro Robert

(R. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

If I were to die this mornin'
Would you tell me things that you wouldn't have?
Would you be my navigator?
Would you take me to a place we could hide?

As I'm fallin' out
I wonder what I lost
Must be movin' on
Know I'll be waitin' here alone

I wanna ask you to forgive me
I haven't been the best with all that I had
Wish I'd only laid beside you
I think I spread myself a little too thin

As I'm fadin' out
I don't feel anything at all
Think I'm movin' on
Know you'll be safe but not alone

You're the everything that led me to believe
"Hold on, Hold on"
You're the wonder in everything that's wonderful

Acoustic Guitar, Additional Electric Guitar, Percussion
Robert, Eric

Black Again
(D. DeLeo, R. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

When you're fed up and lonely
And nothing else seems to matter really
I'll be here waiting for the
Black cloud to leave you
I'll be here to hold your hand
When you're tired and lonely

Hold your breath underwater
And know you'll rise to the
Surface slowly
Think of me as a ship that might hold you
Carry you to the shore
When you're tired and lonely

She can't eat
She can't sleep
She's not well
(She's lonely again)
She can't breathe
She's in bed
She's in hell
But she'll never really be alone
As long as I'm beside her

Keyboards Brendan

Hello it's Late
(R. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

Hello, it's late
You know I've tried to stop the rain
Did you read about it?
Did you think about it?
Did you cry but nothing came?

Hello, it's late
I know we tried to win the game
Did you hear about it?
Did you dream about it?
I know you cried but nothing changed...

Nothing matters again
I didn't think it'd last that long
But I'm just sittin' on this merry go round
And the music is too loud

It's just a game
That we used to play
I didn't think we'd
Take it all the way
It kills me just because
It can't be erased - we're married

Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Keyboards Robert, Brendan

Too Cool Queenie
(D. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

There was this girl
Who lived not too long ago
As a matter of fact I think
She lives still
She knew she could do no wrong
Just singin' those songs
That we all knew

She would always crash the party
It was no surprise
It was for her
Too Cool Queenie

There was this boy
He played in a rock-n-roll band
And he wasn't half-bad
At saving the world
She said he could do no right
So he took his life
His story is true

It's ok 'cause what goes around, comes around
It's all right 'cause what goes around, comes around
And now this girl,
Yeah she got real famous
And she made lots of money and
Some of his too
But still she thinks she can do no wrong
Just playing those songs
She's all too cool

Keyboards Scott
Percussion Brendan

(D. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

Regenerate the impoverished souls
That echo you
Bleed to feed the masses
Soup lines two times two
They got your picture from the
Sunday Plain Dealer that listed you
Forget the story
There's a bounty on your head
They fingered you

Right away
Right away
Green light
Get a move on
Right of way
Right of way
Stop sign
Put the brakes on
Positive cell regeneration
Positive cell regeneration

Celebrate the immortal youth
That wasted you
Peel the skin back from all the lies
That blistered you
They hold for ransom
All the watered down truths
That splitered your
So sell your soul because you're already
They've listed you

To the fields where lesser mice go
To the fields where men follow
To the fields where lesser mice go
To the fields where we all follow


Bi-Polar Bear
(D. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

So I'm letting it go again
I'm halfway full on
Left my meds on the sink today
My head will be racing by lunchtime
So I'm holding her hand again
My palm sweats
Hold on
Think I've had too much coffee
I'm manic as hell
But I'm goin' strong
Left my meds on the sink again
My head will be racing by lunchtime

Don't sleep behind the wheel at the stoplight
Can't sleep behind the wheel as you're drivin' home
You keep comin' down the hill as you're fallin'
You keep fallin' from the hill as you're comin' down

Keyboards Brendan
Percussion, Banjo Eric

Transmissions from a Lonely Room
(R. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

Miles above your circumstance
There's water on your mind
I've wrestled with convictions
And I've settled with the tide
It's more or less uncertainty
But still you play the game
A pedicure won't change the score
But all of this will fade

So low, better get on
Everything's stopped
So slow, better get on
Everything's slowed down

Take a bath from consecrated water
From the shrine
And wash away the mud of all the
Miles you left behind
Triplicates and wedding rings
Both lethal to obtain
So batten down the credit cards
The devil's in the den

Electric Sitar
Percussion Brendan

A Song for Sleeping
(R. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

Finally I've met you
The day has come
You're more than beautiful
And you're my son
I don't deserve this
I never thought it could be
Quite like the moment
When you first smiled at me
A toothless, wonderful feeling
Like I've never seen
It's you, Noah, it's you...

And when you lie down to sleep
I'll protect you
From the demons of the night
While I'm watching you grow

I'll pray
There's so much I could teach you
If you only have the time
There's so much God can teach you
If you only have the time

So will you tell me the little things?
What does God look like?
And angels' wings?
I don't remember these things
So would you teach them to me?
So for the moment
I'll watch you breathe
And when you wake up in the morning
And I pour the coffee
You're always smiling...sweetly

Acoustic Guitar
Percussion Eric

Long Way Home
(D. DeLeo, S. Weiland)

Leave me out, get away
I gotta go
Long way home
Can't see through the trees
Leave me out, get away
Better run fast as I can
From the man - the dirty man - the old man
In my song
Run away, fly away
Long way home
Through the fields, the burning fields
Call my name
When you knock on the door
Go insane
When you knock on the door in my head
And it's beatin' like drum

Tell me
Is it more of the same and
Where can I find it?
Tell me
Is she fighting for air and
Where did she come from?

Leave me out, get away
I gotta go
Long way home
Can't see through the trees
Leave me out, get away
Better run fast as I can
From the man - the dirty man - the old man
Run away when he's knocking on the door...

What's she runnin' from?
I really don't know
Keep her runnin' it's a long way home
I hear the music - songs we know
It's out of time and the beat's too slow


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